Rilke and Sustainability

Rilke is a brand with no mass- or overproduction. Our goal is not only to make you look and feel great in our garments, but also offer you choices in tune with your values.

We know we are not perfect, but we are doing our best to become a more sustainable and responsible brand.

Sustainable Development

Rilke does not follow the mass production trends. We sew mostly on demand, despite the more time-consuming process. Thanks to that, we avoid stocking superfluous products that may never be sold.

This ugly word: leftovers...

Have you ever noticed how often supermarkets throw fruits and greens with some tiny imperfections, such as a little stain, hole or a single whitered leaf? Yet, we could bake banana bread from overripe bananas, make juice from apples and oranges and cut out spoiled parts of the veggies… That’s how we choose our fabrics: the majority of them are bought from textile stocks, in other words, they are leftovers from textile factories.

It does not sound so fancy? For us, taking care of what has already been produced and crafting it into beautiful new lingerie, is a way of caring for our planet. Don’t worry, excellent quality is our absolute priority. The fabrics we use oftentimes are just not being picked up by their original purchasers or have some defects that we cut out in the construction process. Making lasting, ultra soft and environmentally- sound products is our ultimate goal.

Our materials

Except for buying already produced textiles, we also use recycled, upcycled and organically grown materials and collaborate with suppliers that minimize their carbon footprint. We study all the steps of textile production meticulously, to offer you the most secure and sustainable options.

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