Size Guide


Choosing the right size is key while getting a new bra, since only then will the new piece provide the right amount of support and comfort. To find the correct measures for your bra, you will need a tailor’s measuring tape. For checking your size under the breasts, please stand straight while naked and place the measuring tape tightly adjacent to your body – but make sure you can still breathe easily. Note the diameter. Secondly, measure your breasts in the widest point, keeping the measuring tape on your back and front at the same height. The tape should be adjacent but not squeezing the breasts. Whenever your measures are ready, compare them with the table below!

diameter\cup A B C D E F
  79 - 81 81 - 83 83 - 85 85 - 87 87 - 89
82 - 84 84 - 86 86 - 88 88 - 90 90 - 92 92 - 94
87 - 89 89 - 91 91 - 93 93 - 95 95 - 97 97 - 99
92 - 94 94 - 96 96 - 98      

Therefore, if your measurements are 72cm under breasts and 87cm in widest point, your size will be 70C. However, if you think you need a bigger diameter, try the size 75B. 

For soft bras, if your sizes are placed in between the ones presented in our table, we recommend to swing towards the bigger size. For example, if you measure 72cm (under) and 88cm (full width) – they correspond with sizes 70C and 70D. In this case, we recommend the D cup.

If any problems or questions arise while you’re choosing your perfect bra, feel free to drop us an email! Kindly direct your questions to:, and we will help you find your size individually!

Happy shopping!

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