About Rilke

About Rilke

Rilke is a small Polish lingerie brand launched in 2011. We produce feminine and comfortable underwear that brings joy into everyday life. We care about you, our products and the planet.


Why Rilke?

Although our brand started off in 2011, its name has a much longer and tenderer story. Rilke comes directly from the name of the brand’s founder: Rilla Pawlaczyk. Uncommon in Poland, the name was chosen by her mum, after the main character in ‘’ Rilla from Ingleside’’- one of the novels in the famous ‘’Anne from Green Gables’’ series.

Why lingerie?

One of Rilla’s earliest memories is playing with scraps of lace scattered on the floor of her mum’s workshop. She was fascinated by their delicate feel and mesmerising colours, so different from the dull reality of the 90s in Poland. She would sew clothes for her dolls and be given creative assignments by her mum.

Raised in a family of fabric importers, Rilla used to help her parents with the family business from a very young age. Her mum had her own line of lingerie and even her grandma used to be a seamstress.

When Rilla grew up, she decided to study fashion design at the Art Academy in Łódź. In her grad year, she created a modern lingerie brand that made a shift in underwear aesthetics.

In 2014 Rilke was awarded ‘’ Discovery of the Year’’ by Elle Poland.

Today, she still has her grandma’s sewing machine and works in the exact same room she used to sew in as well, but Rilke became its own chapter, infused by the family tradition.


Where are we from?

All Rilke’s products are made with care in the charming town of Bydgoszcz in northern Poland.

Choosing a smaller city as Rilke’s home was Rilla’s deliberate decision. In line with Rilke’s philosophy, she celebrates little things her hometown offers.

Who are we?

Rilke is a small company, nurtured by love and collaborative spirit.

Our team is our chosen family- we collaborate with people who share our values and are simply lovely. We put all our hearts into our work: Magda works with customer care and marketing, Ola manages the production, Beata sews. Our girls from the Warsaw store are priceless. The family is still helping as well: Rilla’s mum Małgorzata takes care of administration, her sister Ada is the master of planning and dealing with international clients and her husband Andrzej does graphic design.

How do we care?

Rilke is a brand with no mass- or overproduction. We care about you, our products and our planet. We are always trying to be a more sustainable and responsible brand.

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